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Editing the Wikipedia of Discord Dungeons

We would like to have the same layout style in all pages. Therefore, a list of rules is necessary to make some standards.


  1. The “Home” page of the wiki will always be the standard page for all other pages.
  2. Use headline level 1 only for the title of each page.
  3. Always decrease the level of the headlines by one if you want to subdivide the topic.
  4. After you start a new level 2 headline, make a horizontal rule to create a visual structure. Do not make any horizontal rule between lower level headlines! Example: - - - - (Do not make extra spaces between the dashes like in this example!)
  5. Highlight commands like this and add parameters in brackets using a bold font like [this].
  6. Please mention what changes you made everytime you commit changes

Template for Items

<WRAP half box group>
<WRAP centeralign>
====== Name Here ======

//Finally, a ranged weapon. Shoot your enemies with confidence!//

<WRAP 10% leftalign column>

<WRAP 35% leftalign column>
**<color #ff0000>Damage</color>:**\\ 
**<color #fff266>Buy Price</color>:**\\
**<color #fff266>Sell Price</color>:**\\
**Obtainable From:**\\
**Tradeable:** \\

<WRAP 30% leftalign column>
<color #ff9000>16</color> <color #ff4800>-</color> <color #ff0000>25</color>\\
<color #fff266>9,500 Gold</color>\\
<color #fff266>2,375 Gold</color>\\
<color #43ff00>Yes</color>

Template for Locations

====== Location Name ======

Item description here! Does have market access. / Does not have market access.

===== Kingdom =====

   * Insert Kingdom here

===== Connections =====

^ [[:locations|Location]] ^ Travel Time ^ Market Access ^ Cost ^
| Location here | Time here | Yes or No | Cost here |

===== NPCs =====

   * NPCs here (If none, put None.)



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