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Discord Dungeons ToS

By allowing the bot onto your server you are agreeing to the following terms and condition:

  • That you have read and agree to the rules of the bot, which can be found using the rules command and in this document
  • That you agree to allow members of staff access to your server whether it be by
    • An invite from the bot via a command for admins or
    • Them asking you to join

Note: Forfieture of these terms is enough to class you as suspicous and may incur a ban from the bot

  • Mackan is the owner of the bot and therefore holds all rights to its use and distribution, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Use of the bot
    • Use of part or all of the code
    • Distribution of the code


1. Using any kind of automated means, including macros in order to send commands to DiscordRPG is strictly forbidden and doing so will result in you getting your character reset, and/or a ban from the bot. Copy-Pasting of the commands are however allowed.

2. Abusing any kind of glitch or bug is a bannable offense.

3. Any kind of blackmailing is strictly forbidden.

4. Your account - Your responsibility.

5. Don't spam the commands.

6. Using real money to buy gold or items off of another player is prohibited, as is scamming players for gold or items. If this happens contact a member of the staff in the offical server.

Breaking any of these will result in a ban from the bot.


Steven Zapataguavalava, 2017/08/31 22:08


Valence Fernandopower, 2017/07/19 05:31

Is it possible to win rare items like zangtsu sword?? this game is sooo fun

Jeffreythedrdu, 2017/07/15 10:02

Um, I got the invite link but nothing below the TOS link is shown. There's no scroll bar, and if I rotate screen I can see the invite button for a split second

Jessie Spectreaffinity, 2017/06/30 19:45

What's the support server

Dal Dal Choidal_dal_choi, 2017/04/16 03:49

Why I can't get the not in my server? 😵😵😵

Asherasherrivera, 2017/03/16 08:13

This is complete and utter bullshit that you guys have been joining our servers since the time we invited it to any of our servers, you just now added this ToS because people started to notice that you were joining our servers without our permission, meaning if we did such as put any personal information on there, then you could just pop right in and snag that info, claiming that you were gathering evidence of us breaking rules. We should not have had our privacy revoked, because some game developer thinks we broke a rule of their bot. This is so stupid. I'm still so pissed about the fact that my private server, that I was under the impression only me aand the other person in it could access, was invaded for “evidence” meaning anything I shared with that o n e person, you had access to.

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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