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Dragon Slayer

The third quest implemented into the game, and the first ever Member only quest, Dragon Slayer requires a brave soul to collect the Green Hide of a dragon and some Liveroot, and deliver them to Kadri. The green dragon can also be caught as a pet.




Micheal Ringelsteinmickringo, 2018/03/05 20:50

So it is safe to say the green dragon will only spawn at the quest location yeah?

Steveolisteve, 2018/02/27 05:29

Hi, what is the recommended level to do this quest please?

Chrisindent, 2017/12/03 07:52

Not sure if this is the case for everyone, but I actually needed to acquire 5 green hides before being able to move on to the next step of the quest. Took about 7 slain dragons to get those.

Bobbybobbywibowo, 2018/02/22 06:57

Yes, I also needed 5 green hides.

EDIT: I edited the walkthrough because I believe it's safe to assume that everybody needs 5 hides.

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