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A quest about wood?

It's uh… a quest about wood.




Leobardonekoneko, 2018/11/12 19:48

where i can farm oak, willow, and maple logs?

E.S.warpzzz, 2018/04/22 12:21

I have Chop level 5 but Elliot says he has no quest for me. How come?

Mark Hansonriker, 2017/12/29 03:40

Tried to chat with Eliot at level 12 (earliest I could travel to Miree) but he said I wasn't skilled enough. What is required to start the conversation?

Bobbybobbywibowo, 2018/02/22 07:08

It's probably checking your Chop skill level instead of your player's level? I started the quest way before I was even level 10 in Chop, in which case I had to purchase Willow logs and Maple logs from global market, and I could finish the quest just fine.

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