Discord Dungeons Wiki - Privacy Policy

1. Information we collect

  • When you register on the Discord Dungeons Wiki we collect the IP from which you registered, your username, your real name, aswell as your email address as they are provided to us.
  • When you edit a page, we store the edit along with information about who edited it, in the form of a username, which links to a user profile.
  • When accessing the website we store the IP address from which the request was sent, the time of when the request was received, the request URI, aswell as the user agent of the request.

2. Requesting your data or removal of your data

  • Upon request and verification of identity (Via username and email address) we will provide you with the personal data associated with your account (Username, Real Name and Email Address) within 14 days.
  • Upon request and verification of identity (Via username, and email address) we will delete your account and your personal data.

3. Reasons for collecting and processing data

  • We store your username and email in order to provide access to the service due to these being used as information for account access.
  • We store your real name as you've provided it for displaying in information about page edits.
  • We also store your email address in order to send emails containing information such as password reset tokens aswell as activation emails.
  • We store the user editing the pages in order to prevent abuse.

3.5. Third-party data processors

  • We send data about website usage to Google Analytics for analyzing how the website is being used.
  • We use Google AdSense on the website to generate revenue, and as such, Google accesses some data about you.

4. How we seek consent

  • When an account is created, you are required to read through this document before continuing.
  • When we update terms, you will be notified via the email associated with your account or through a mention using the platform Discord.

5. In the event of a data breach

  • We will publish a notification within 5 days of the data breach being discovered
  • We will publish a full transparency document outlining what occurred within 3 months of the data breach being discovered

6. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • We do not regularly or systematically monitor data subjects on a large scale or process particularly sensitive data so we do not need to carry out a DPIA or have a designated DPO (articles 35-39)
  • "Mackan" will take responsibility for data protection compliance and can be contacted at [email protected]

7. Data storage locations

  • We store all data on servers in The Netherlands