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Creating a party

To create a party, use #!party create!

Starting a party

To begin your party adventure simply type #!party start you must be at least level 15 to start or join a party

Inviting and joining another party

To invite someone to your party use #!party invite <@Player's name> To join someone's party use #!party join <@Party leader's name>

Kicking players from your party

To kick someone out of your party use #!party kick <@Player's name>

Leaving a party

To leave someone's party use #!party leave

Disbanding your party

To disband your party use #!party disband

How the party system works

When you get everyone into your party the leader can start the adventure by typing #!padventure

Once the adventure has started each player will take turns attacking the enemy using #!padventure 2 or skipping their turn by using any healing items or manually skipping with #!padventure 1

After the enemy has been slain your party will all receive a normal gold and experience reward that you would get from that monster.

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