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 +<WRAP half box group>
 +<WRAP centeralign>​
 +====== Vampiric Dagger ======
 +//An ancient dagger capable of removing the lifeforce of it's enemies.//
 +<WRAP 10% leftalign column>
 +<WRAP 35% leftalign column>
 +**<color #​ff0000>​Damage</​color>:​**\\ ​
 +**<color #​fff266>​Buy Price</​color>:​**\\
 +**<color #​fff266>​Sell Price</​color>:​**\\
 +**Obtainable From:**\\
 +**Tradeable:​** \\
 +<WRAP 30% leftalign column>
 +<color #​ff9000>​132</​color>​ <color #​ff4800>​-</​color>​ <color #​ff0000>​144</​color>​\\
 +<color #​43ff00>​Yes</​color>​\\
 +Lifesteal 1%
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