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You can buy the following items by using #!buy [item]
There is still a lot of development going on, therefore not all items are listed.

This page currently in the process of updating to the latest information as well as layout, please note that there will be outdated items. Feel free to help update them to the latest layout. Template can be found here.


Healing items

Item Level Price Heals
Health Potion Health Potion 1550
Sour Candy 1N/A5
Spicy Candy 1N/A-5
Garlic Candy 1N/A0
Lemon Lemon 1N/A25
Lime 1N/A27
Candy Candy 1N/A5
Candy Cane Candy Cane 1N/A100
Greater Health Potion Greater Health Potion 510100
Carrot Carrot 56010
Grapes Grapes 51510
Cherry Cherry 64015
Even Greater Health Potion Even Greater Health Potion 850500
Mushroom Mushroom 83030
Cookie Cookie 10N/A100
Apple Apple 108065
Salad Salad 11N/A125
Burger Burger 12N/A150
Potato Potato 13N/A15
Bread Bread 5N/A75
  • For Health Potion, do #!heal, #!heal [amount], #!heal auto, #!use health potion or #!use health potion [amount].
  • For the rest, do #!use [item] or #!use [item] [amount].

Effect items

Item Level Price Effect
Strength Potion Strength Potion 3 N/A Grants the user a temporary increase in strength.
Attribute Scroll Attribute Scroll 25 10,000,000 Allows the user to reallocate their attribute points.



Item Level Price min DMG max DMG
Small Dagger Small Dagger1N/A 1 5
Iron Sword Iron Sword2100 2 6
Iron Mace Iron Mace3500 5 10
Iron Flail Iron Flail4750 7 12
Iron Battleaxe Iron Battleaxe72,500 10 15
Golden Hammer Golden Hammer104,500 13 18
Hammer of Gaia Hammer of Gaia117,000 14 21
Enhanced Bow Enhanced Bow129,500 16 25
Claws Claws1211,000 18 25
Burning Super-Death Sword Burning Super-Death Sword1313,000 20 26
Sharpened Sickle Sharpened Sickle1415,500 27 31
Fancy Wand Fancy Wand1519,000 32 36
Damp Trident Damp Trident1622,500 38 41
Bronze Gauntlets Bronze Gauntlets1726,000 43 46
Scissorgloves Scissorgloves1829,500 48 52
Family Cutlass Family Cutlass1932,000 53 56
Magy's Scythe Magy's Scythe2035,500 56 62
Ghostly Scimitar Ghostly Scimitar2549,500 78 87
Hunters Sorrow Hunters Sorrow3063,500 100 112
Citrus Blade Citrus Blade3066,500 99 106
Peacemaker Peacemaker3579,000 115 130
Orchid Sword Orchid Sword40100,000 132 144
Light Longbow of Mourning Light Longbow of Mourning45121,875 153 167
Conjurer's Foresight Conjurer's Foresight50143,750 175 190
Fearsome Rust Axe of Hunting Fearsome Rust Axe of Hunting55165,625 192 213
Beserk Stone Axe of Hunting Beserk Stone Axe of Hunting60187,500 209 236
Chivalic Rapier Chivalic Rapier75200,000 200 222
Flintlock Pistol Flintlock Pistol80230,000 245 270
Zangetsu90432,432 119 461
Die Die91654,321 0 600
Schwarz Sieben Prototype Mk III Schwarz Sieben Prototype Mk III95255,000 260 290
Force Mithril Greatsword Force Mithril Greatsword120350,000 310 360
Astral Rod Astral Rod142555,555 377 433
Sadist's Scythe's Return Sadist's Scythe's Return156666,666 449 541
Spear of Indra Spear of Indra2001,000,000 600 666
Z-Saber Z-Saber2501,600,000 740 830
Iron Tomahawk3003,050,000 895 1,019
Polished Obsidian Battle-axe Polished Obsidian Battle-axe3504,500,000 1,050 1,208
Engraved Silver Musket4006,000,000 1,200 1,389
Toast Toast4208,888,888 855 1,666
Menacing Bardiche of Bloodletting Menacing Bardiche of Bloodletting4507,800,000 1,350 1,550
Purple Blade Return Purple Blade Return50010,000,000 1,500 1,750
Elegant Spiked War Mace55012,000,000 1,700 1,981
Massive Greatsword of Striking60016,000,000 1,950 2,262
Crystal Flail65022,222,222 2,222 2,499
Titanium Axe70029,876,543 2,444 2,753
Crystalline Musket75037,373,737 2,666 2,963
Pitchfork80047,777,777 2,888 3,222
Machete85058,642,085 3,111 3,444
Claymore90070,123,456 3,333 3,693
Halberd95083,333,333 3,555 3,939
War Hammer1000100,010,001 3,842 4,242
Crystal CutlassCrystal Cutlass1500266,776,681 6,712 7,272
  • If you buy a weapon from the shop, it will be automatically equipped.
  • You can equip another weapon with the #!use [item] command.


Armor parts decrease the final enemy damage by x %. Block values are not true block values!


Item Level Price Blocks
Knowledge Enhancer 1 N/A 25%
Red Visor Red Visor 1 995 1%
Adventurer's Helmet Adventurer's Helmet 5 10,000 1%
Fuzzy Pink Sleep Mask Fuzzy Pink Sleep Mask 25 25,000 5%
Leptocite Helmet Leptocite Helmet 40 N/A 7%
Green Hide Helmet 45 N/A 8%
Banana Crown Banana Crown 50 N/A 3%
Beard 69 N/A 15%
Paladin's Helmet Paladin's Helmet 70 1,500,000 15%
DungeonKeeper's Pride DungeonKeeper's Pride 100 2,250,000 25%
Archangel's Divine Helmet Archangel's Divine Helmet 100 2,250,000 25%
Prototype Alloy Helmet Prototype Alloy Helmet 150 2,500,000 25%
Santa Hat Santa Hat 5 N/A 1%
Stupid Helmet Stupid Helmet 10 N/A 3%
Kool kids Glasses Kool kids Glasses 300 N/A 30%
Moonlit Sapphire Moonlit Sapphire 333 N/A 30%


Item Level Price Blocks
Bratanium Chestplate 1 N/A 50%
Red Karate Belt Red Karate Belt 2 1,000 1%
Leather Belt Leather Belt 2 1,995 2%
Adventurer's Chestplate Adventurer's Chestplate 5 10,000 1%
Fuzzy Pink Bathrobe Fuzzy Pink Bathrobe 25 25,000 6%
Leptocite Chestplate Leptocite Chestplate 40 N/A 7%
Green Hide Chestplate 45 N/A 8%
Paladin's Battlewear Paladin's Battlewear 70 1,500,000 15%
Earth Alchemist Robe Earth Alchemist Robe 100 N/A 25%
Archangel's Divine Battlewear Archangel's Divine Battlewear 100 2,250,000 25%
Prototype Chestplate Prototype Chestplate 150 2,500,000 25%
Kool Kids Jacket Kool Kids Jacket 300 N/A 30%
Moonlit Amethyst 333 N/A 30%
Turtle Shell 30 N/A 10%
True Warrior's Medal True Warrior's Medal 1000 N/A 15%
Medal of a God Medal of a God 1000000 N/A 45%


Item Level Price Blocks
Bratanium Boots 1 N/A 25%
Adventurer's Boots Adventurer's Boots 5 10,000 1%
Fuzzy Pink Slippers Fuzzy Pink Slippers 25 25,000 3%
Leptocite Boots Leptocite Boots 40 N/A 7%
Green Hide Boots 45 N/A 8%
Paladin's Boots Paladin's Boots 70 1,500,000 15%
Archangel's Divine Boots Archangel's Divine Boots 100 2,250,000 25%
Prototype Alloy Boots Prototype Alloy Boots 150 2,500,000 25%
Kool Kids Shoes Kool Kids Shoes 300 N/A 30%
Moonlit Ruby Moonlit Ruby 333 N/A 30%
  • If you buy an armor from the shop, it will be automatically equipped.
  • You can equip another armor with the #!use [item] command.


Rings increase(+) or decrease(-) the final values by x %.

Ring of Strength Ring of Strength 5050,0001.25x Strength Boost
Ring of Defense Ring of Defense 5050,0001.25x Defense Boost
Ring of XP Ring of XP 5050,0001.25x XP Boost
[ERROR DATA CORRUPTED] 1N/A1.5x 01001100 01110101 01100011 01101011 Boost
Ancient Defender of Lolis 1N/A1.5x Defense Boost
Ancient Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Baby Turtle 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
The Bejewelled Ring of Kismet 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Boring Ring 1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Broken Ring of Bad Luck 1N/A1.49x Luck Boost
Burnt Muffin 1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Fates Blessing Fates Blessing 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Felix Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Fenrir's Gleipnir Fenrir's Gleipnir 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Gabriel's Essence Gabriel's Essence 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Golden Muffin 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Golden Transponder Snail 1N/A1.2x Strength Boost
Heart Shaped Locket Heart Shaped Locket1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Ikith's Feather 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Impoerfect Left-Ring Heart Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Impoerfect Right-Ring Heart Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Legolas's Grace 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Luck of the moon Luck of the moon1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Magical Lily 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Mimi's Wedding Band 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Moonlit Jade Moonlit Jade1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Muffin Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Muffin Liner 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
My Precious 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Nefer's Claw 1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Never Lucky 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
One Ring 1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Philosopher's Stone 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Promise Ring Promise Ring 1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Ribbon of Ancients 1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Ring of Gainz 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Ring of Gyges 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Ring of Souls -1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Ring of Tranquility 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Ring Pop1N/A1.5x Strength Boost
Seasonal Flower Seasonal Flower 1N/A5x Charisma Boost
Seraph's Ring Seraph's Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Shiny Bell 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
The Skunk of Luck The Skunk of Luck 1N/A1.25x Luck Boost
Smee's Signet 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
SuffeRing 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Tin Foil Star 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Unlucky Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Vongola Ring 1N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Tome of All Knowing Tome of All Knowing 5N/A1.3x Strength Boost
Nox's Ring 100N/A1.5x Luck Boost
Rune-Etched Ring Rune-Etched Ring 150N/A1.5x Luck Boost
  • If you buy a ring from the shop, it will be automatically equipped.
  • You can equip another ring with the #!use [item] command.


Necklaces increase(+) or decrease(-) the final values by x %.

Yui's Heart 1N/A1% XP Boost
Amulet of the Undead 5N/A1% XP Boost
  • If you buy an amulet from the shop, it will be automatically equipped.
  • You can equip another amulet with the #!use [item] command.


Tools are used to get more items from side activities Note; Section is a WIP

Tools for mining and chopping are regularly spaced and craftable. The first set of tools (Axe, Pickaxe) must be bought from the normal store using the #!buy command. The rest of the tools for these two side activities must be crafted. At skill level 2, the Copper Axe and Copper Pickaxe may be used. Afterwards, the zinc tools may be used at skill level 5. Iron tools are available at skill level 10, followed by steel at 15, and finally leptocite tools become available at skill level 30.

The True Wood Cutter is available at level 12 after completing A Quest About Wood?, and is equivalent to the Zinc Axe.

The fishing side activity is available at level 5, at which point the Fishing Rod may be bought from the store. The only upgrade to the fishing rod is the Angler's Rod, which is available at level 25, after completing Fickle Fishing.



  • It is possible to mine with the #!mine command with a pickaxe
Rock RockN/A1Can be obtained from mining.
Coal CoalN/A5Can be obtained from mining.
Geode GeodeN/A10Can be obtained from mining. They contain rocks and elemental shards, which can be gained by cracking the geode.
Gold Ore Gold OreN/AN/ACan be obtained from mining at Dingerou Cavern with level 30 Mine Skill.
Rock Salt Rock SaltN/A10Can be obtained from mining.
Leptocite Ore Leptocite OreN/A20Can be obtained from mining.
Test ore Test oreN/A20Can be obtained from mining.
Erinotite Ore Erinotite OreN/A25Can be obtained from mining.
Iron Ore Iron OreN/A100Can be obtained from mining.
Copper Ore Copper OreN/A250Can be obtained from mining.
Zinc Ore Zinc OreN/A250Can be obtained from mining.


  • It is possible to forage with the #!forage command.
Item Buy Sell Description
Apple Apple 80 40 Heals 65 HP.
Carrot Carrot 60 40 Heals 10 HP.
Cherry Cherry 40 15 Heals 15 HP.
Grapes Grapes 15 5 Heals 10 HP.
Magic Sapling Magic Sapling N/A 500 For planting.
Mushroom Mushroom 30 10 Heals 30 HP.
Lemon Lemon N/A N/A Heals 25 HP.
Lime N/A N/A Heals 27 HP
Grape Seed N/A 5 For planting.
Apple Seed N/A 15 For planting.
Carrot Seed N/A 5 For planting.
Cherry Seed N/A 5 For planting.
Wheat Seed N/A 30 For planting.
Olive Seed Olive Seed N/A 30 For planting.
Sugar Beet Seed Sugar Beet Seed N/A 30 For planting.
Lychee Lychee N/A N/A For planting.
Egg Egg N/A 25 There's no chicken inside.
Potato Potato N/A 25 Heals 15 HP.


  • It is possible to chop with the #!chop command with an axe
Item Skill Level Buy Sell Location
Log Log 1 N/A 30 Everywhere
Oak Log 5 N/A N/A Silverkeep
Willow Log 10 N/A N/A Copperfall and Rivermouth
Maple Log 15 N/A N/A Copperfall
Fir Log 20 N/A N/A Frostridge
Pine Log 22 N/A N/A Frostridge
Ash Log 25 N/A N/A Redhorn
Poplar Log 30 N/A N/A Mournstead


  • It is possible to fish at level 5 with the #!fish command.
Item Buy Sell
Freshwater Fish Freshwater Fish200170
Tropical Fish Tropical Fish250200
Blowfish Blowfish250210
Octopus Octopus400330
Crab Crab270220
Turtle Turtle320290
Snail Snail200170


  • It is possible to craft items using the #!craft [item] or #!craft [item] [amount] command.
Item Level Requirement Recipe
Health Potion Health Potion 61x Healing Nectar Healing Nectar, 3x Glass Glass
Fork Fork 11x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Salt Salt (x2)41x Rock Salt Rock Salt
Red Visor Red Visor 12x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 1x Glass Glass
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 52x Iron Ore Iron Ore
Sand Sand (x2) 21x Rock Rock
Glass Glass 58x Sand Sand, 2x Coal Coal
Salad Salad 112x Grapes Grapes, 2x Carrot Carrot, 2x Cherry Cherry, 2x Mushroom Mushroom, 2x Apple Apple
Bear Trap Bear Trap 124x Iron Ingot, 1x Plank Plank
Plank Plank 101x Log Log
Flour Flour 72x Wheat Wheat
Bread Bread 52x Salt Salt, 1x Coal Coal, 1x Flour Flour
Cookie Cookie 102x Salt Salt, 1x Coal Coal, 1x Flour Flour
Burger Burger 121x Meats Meats, 2x Bread Bread
Fire Crystal Fire Crystal 2516x Fire Shard Fire Shard
Air Crystal Air Crystal 2516x Air Shard Air Shard
Earth Crystal Earth Crystal 2516x Earth Shard Earth Shard
Water Crystal Water Crystal 2516x Water Shard Water Shard
Empty Vial Empty Vial 102x Glass Glass, 1x Plank Plank
Water Vial Water Vial 104x Water Shard Water Shard, 1x Empty Vial Empty Vial
Banana Crown Banana Crown 100100x Banana Banana
Air Key Air Key 318x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 2x Air Crystal Air Crystal
Earth Key Earth Key 318x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 2x Earth Crystal Earth Crystal
Water Key Water Key 318x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 2x Water Crystal Water Crystal
Fire Key Fire Key 318x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 2x Fire Crystal Fire Crystal
Letter Letter 5010x Letter Piece Letter Piece
String String 101x Log Log, 1x Ball of Wool Ball of Wool
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 51x Log Log, 1x String String
Leptocite Ingot Leptocite Ingot 251x Coal Coal, 5x Leptocite Ore Leptocite Ore
Leptocite Helmet Leptocite Helmet 4050x Leptocite Ingot Leptocite Ingot
Leptocite Chestplate Leptocite Chestplate 40100x Leptocite Ingot Leptocite Ingot
Leptocite Boots Leptocite Boots 4025x Leptocite Ingot Leptocite Ingot
Spaghetti Spaghetti 122x Flour Flour, 1x Egg Egg
Butterfly Net Butterfly Net 51x Plank Plank, 8x String String
Compass Compass 121x Glass Glass, 1x Brass Holder, 1x Compass Needle
Compass Needle 111x Steel Ingot Steel Ingot
Brass Holder 111x Brass Ingot Brass Ingot
Brass Ingot Brass Ingot 11 2x Coal Coal, 1x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot, 1x Zinc Ingot Zinc Ingot
Zinc Ingot Zinc Ingot101x Zinc Ore Zinc Ore, 2x Coal Coal
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot151x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 2x Coal Coal
Green Hide Helmet 45 2x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 2x Green Hide
Green Hide Chestplate 45 2x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 4x Green Hide
Green Hide Boots 45 2x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 3x Green Hide
Limon 251x Lime, 1x Lemon Lemon
Silverkeep Rune 203x Silver Essence, 1x Knotted Mesh, 50,000x Gold, Location: Silverkeep Altar
Erinotite Staff 802x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 5x Coal Coal, 4x Fire Crystal Fire Crystal, 4x Air Crystal Air Crystal, 10x Erinotite Ingot
Knotted Mesh 202x String String
Erinotite Ingot 758x Coal Coal, 10x Erinotite Ore Erinotite Ore
Plain Sweater 301x Ball of Wool Ball of Wool, 2x String String
Ham 152x Meat Meat
Hamburger 152x Bread Bread, 1x Ham
Veggie Burger 151x Carrot Carrot, 2x Bread Bread, 1x Potato Potato, 1x Bottle of Olive Oil
Leptocite Axe 404x Earth Crystal Earth Crystal, 9x Leptocite Ingot Leptocite Ingot, 1x Zinc Ingot Zinc Ingot, 2x Brass Ingot Brass Ingot, 2x Maple Log, 1x Ash Log, 3x Poplar Log, 1x Steel Axe
Steel Axe 209x Coal Coal, 6x Steel Ingot Steel Ingot, 4x Willow Log, 2x Fir Log, 2x Pine Log, 1x Iron Axe
Iron Axe 205x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot, 1x Log Log, 2x Oak Log 2x Willow Log, 1x Zinc Axe
Zinc Axe 103x Zinc Ingot Zinc Ingot, 1x Oak Log, 2x Willow Log, 1x Copper Axe
Copper Axe 104x Coal Coal, 2x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot, 1x Axe, 3x Oak Log


  • It is possible to trap at level 12 with the #!trap set [trap] command.


  • It is possible to plant at level 15 with the #!plant set [plant] command. See also Magic Sapling for further instructions on planting.
Item Sell
Apple Apple40
Carrot Carrot40
Cherry Cherry15
Grapes Grapes5
Wheat Wheat90


  • It is possible to crack Geodes at level 20 with the #!crack or #!crack [amount] command.



Items that serve the purpose of being existing in the game.

Item Level Buy Sell Description
Kava Herb 1N/AN/ASome strange herb.
Axe 11,500N/AIt's a basic axe used to chop down trees.
Pickaxe 11,500N/AIt's a basic pickaxe used to mine rocks.
Birthday Cake (2016) Birthday Cake (2016) 1N/AN/ACelebrating Mackan's 17th birthday! 🎂
Bottle of Ketchup 1N/AN/ASauce from the gods
Celebratory Coin Celebratory Coin 1N/AN/ACelebrating Discord Dungeons hitting 100,000 players!
Compass Compass 1N/AN/AWhere am I?
Developer's Badge Developer's Badge 1N/AN/AProof that this player is/was a developer for Discord Dungeons.
Dummy item 1N/AN/AThis really doesn't do anything..
Dummy Item 2 1N/AN/AElectric boogaloo.
Dummy Item 3 1N/AN/AStill a dummy item..
Dust 1N/AN/AI hate dust.
Fork Fork 1N/AN/AWhat's a fork doing here?
Gold Bar Gold Bar 1N/AN/AShiny and valuable
Gravestone 1N/AN/AR.I.P Da???
Key to Discord Key to Discord 1N/AN/AOnly a god (or, in this case, a Discord App developer) can hold this key.
MOUKN Figurine MOUKN Figurine 1N/AN/AA dried clay figurine of the god MOUKN. Given to those that show true devotion to the Lord.
Party Hat 1N/AN/ACelebrating DRPGBot hitting 5,000 servers!
Patron Badge Patron Badge 1N/AN/AGiven to those who support Mackan and Discord Dungeons on patreon!
Rusty Spoon Rusty Spoon1N/AN/AI like rusty spoons…
Stats Scroll 1N/AN/ADisplays your stats as a scroll.
Bone 1N/AN/AWhite and hard, yet fragile.
EyeEye 1N/AN/AIt's watching.
Christmas Present Christmas Present 5N/AN/AWhat do I get? What do I get!
DRPG Birthday Present 5N/AN/ACelebrating the DRPG one year anniversary!
Alabaster's Tooth 5N/AN/AIt's Alabaster's Tooth.
Undead Potion 5N/AN/AUsed to treat the undead.
Banana Banana 109045Such a fine shade of yellow. Very ripe.
Crystal Cluster Crystal Cluster 10N/AN/AIt has all the crystals.
Enhancing Stone Enhancing Stone 1010090Enchances an item in alchemy.
Business Card 12N/AN/AChef Charles' business card. It promises you can come and have some food and a drink… if he ever starts a restaurant.
Wolf Fang 13N/AN/ASharp.
Wolf Pelt 13N/AN/AIt's warm and fuzzy.
Angler's Rod 25N/AN/AIt's a slightly better fishing rod.
Chest Chest 25N/A1,250What's inside?
Letter Piece Letter Piece 25N/AN/AYou can't read it.
Yeti Hair 25N/AN/AScary.
Yeti Fur 25N/AN/AIt's fuzzy.
Ice Whale Fin 25N/AN/AThe fin of an Ice Whale. Very rare, and very valuable.
Letter Letter 45N/AN/AWho's it from?
Ectoplasm 40N/AN/AIt's a chunk of goo.

Exclusive/Unobtainable Items

Item Level Price min DMG max DMG
Fists Fists 1N/A 0 0
The Smallest Dagger 1N/A 1 1
Conceptionist's Knowledge Conceptionist's Knowledge1N/A 750 1,250
Red Scissor Blade Red Scissor Blade 1 N/A 1,250 1,750
Guild Master's Pride Guild Master's Pride 1 N/A 1,000 5,000
CodeSlasher CodeSlasher 1 N/A 420 1,337
스틱 1 N/A 2 6
Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn 5 N/A 20 25
Umbra Staff 5 N/A 9 15
Ragnar's Blade 5 N/A 10 16
Zangetsu Bankai Sword Zangetsu Bankai Sword 5 N/A 20 25
Blood Magic Blood Magic 10 N/A 66 86
Fiery Perce of The Shadow Monster 20 N/A 60 66
Book of Terrible Puns 20 N/A 66 77
Ragnarok 20 N/A 66 77
Duck of Doom 25 N/A 86 96
Forehead Flick Forehead Flick 25 N/A 75 100
Lawgiver 25 N/A 75 100
Mew's Claws Mew's Claws 50 N/A 185 200
DungeonKeeper's Wrath DungeonKeeper's Wrath 56 N/A 200 250
Elucidator And Dark Repulser 56 N/A 230 255
Tomato Tomato 60 N/A 170 190
Pencil 65 N/A 220 255
Lance of Longinus Lance of Longinus 70 N/A 200 220
Purple Blade Purple Blade 100 N/A 100 150
Blue Ceremonial Card Blue Ceremonial Card 100 N/A 333 377
Bacon-hafted longsword Bacon-hafted longsword 140 N/A 400 600
Bloodlust 150 N/A 440 460
Sickle of Slicing Sickle of Slicing 200 N/A 588 688
Orange Blade Orange Blade 148 N/A 408 488
Luna Card Luna Card 222 N/A 567 678
Supernova Sword Supernova Sword 250 N/A 650 750
Sword of the Wise Sword of the Wise 260 N/A 800 899
Vorpal Waraxe Vorpal Waraxe 300 N/A 922 999
Trisided Triangle Tee Trisided Triangle Tee 333 N/A 999 1,111
Vorpal Hacksaw of Hacking 375 N/A 1,250 1,408
Sharp Piece of Glass 425 N/A 1,400 1,589
Vorpal Paper of Cutting Vorpal Paper of Cutting 475 N/A 1,550 1,750
Cleaver of Cleaving Cleaver of Cleaving 525 N/A 1,750 1,900
Philosopher's Voice 600 N/A 2,340 2,715
Shining Katana of Miracles Shining Katana of Miracles 625 N/A 2,250 2,562
  • Exclusive items are usually donator or developer items. However, some donator items (such as Toast) are able to be bought.

Item ID List

A list of ID of every item in Discord Dungeons can be found here.


Bobbobhisays, 2018/10/14 13:34

What are fish even used for? Other than the quest

Matt Clarktheraven81, 2018/08/20 22:41

Potions don't seem to make sense. There's no incentive to buy the bigger ones - the Greater Health Potion is 10G and heals 100, which is the same as just using 2 regular Health Potions - and also costs the same. Same goes for the next step up - Even Greater Health Potion - 50 G for 500 HP. So I see no point in their existence.

Bill Stevensgameground, 2018/06/24 17:15

I have a red visor on. I bought the adventurer's helmet but can't equip it. What do I do?

Alexandre Rodriguesalexandredsr, 2018/05/19 04:35

This page is very helpful, thx!

Mannie Tungdogandcat, 2017/11/23 19:43

I got olives, why isn't it on this list?Bold Text

Ana Liliaannikie, 2017/12/12 16:23

Olives can be used for create Bottle of Olive Oil, this can be used for create stuff like Pizza, but I recommend sell it before craft anything with Olive if you want some money

Angelmoonkidd, 2017/09/01 18:55

#!sell lemon isn't working.

Liamraxadore, 2017/09/10 21:55

You cant sell lemons o.o

Toastytoasty, 2017/09/21 00:48

You can't sell lemons through the shop, you have to sell them on the global market.

Cate C-Mkapukai, 2017/08/06 22:07

Eggs are not appearing in my inventory after I forage and find them, nor can I use them. Is this bugged?

antonedgiest_hanzo, 2017/06/10 11:21

is there a possibility that monsters drop items?

Davidbivad, 2017/06/29 19:14

Monsters obviously “drop” gold and xp. In some occasions, killing a monster gives you a chest. Chests appear at lvl 25. Can be opened or sold

Angelgone, 2017/05/08 15:01

Where does it explain N/A items?(I will read if you tell me where) or can some one explain…How you obtain these items if you can't buy them?and What good are they?

Davidbivad, 2017/06/29 19:17

Items that can't be bought can be obtained by other things like trapping, planting, mining, foraging. Items can also be sold/bought on global market. Some items are donator items which are obtained by donating money for D-RPG

Davis Hoboobiesupport, 2017/05/01 04:50

I bought the Healing Nectar and its not listen anywhere in this item map at all. Also what does it do since its pretty much useless for me right now.

Davidbivad, 2017/06/29 19:18

Well, healing nectar heals just do #!use healing nectar

Barnabassh4d0wc0d3, 2017/03/31 08:13

I tried to equip an item, but it says i'm not skilled enough to use it? How do i get skilled enough?

Davidbivad, 2017/04/14 10:34

You have to level up. Do Adventures and Mine/Chop/Forage/Fish

Barnabassh4d0wc0d3, 2017/03/29 20:27

Btw, I have a full set of Adventurer's Equipment. Does the block-chance percentage add up with each piece of gear? Or does it only count the biggest block-chance percentage?

Davidbivad, 2017/04/14 10:35

I'm pretty sure the percentages add up.

Aramatiaramati, 2017/01/29 19:47

#!use grape don't work.

Dmitrymrzigro, 2017/02/03 06:42

Cause “grapes”…

Aramatiaramati, 2017/02/05 16:29


resdraonresdraon, 2017/01/14 17:44

I like how I bought an item and it doesn't show up but it takes my gold for it anyway. Nice.

Ryananonymoususer, 2017/03/20 22:13

If you bought equipment from shop, it will automatically equip it in case you didn't read or it was noted after your post

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