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 ---- ----
-//It's a copper pickaxe used to mine rocks.//+Description: ​//It's a copper pickaxe used to mine rocks.//
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 <WRAP 35% leftalign column> <WRAP 35% leftalign column>
 **ID:**\\ **ID:**\\
-**Level:​**\\ +**Char Level Required:**\\ 
-**Skill Level:**\\+**Skill Level Required:**\\
 **<color #​fff266>​Buy Price</​color>:​**\\ **<color #​fff266>​Buy Price</​color>:​**\\
 **<color #​fff266>​Sell Price</​color>:​**\\ **<color #​fff266>​Sell Price</​color>:​**\\
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 <WRAP centeralign>​ <WRAP centeralign>​
-==== Copper Pickaxe ==== +==== How to craft: ​Copper Pickaxe ==== 
-//Level Requirement:​ 10//\\+//Character ​Level Requirement:​ 10//\\ 
 +<color #​ff0000>​Note</​color>:​ ''#​!craft copper pickaxe'​
-[[items:​coal|{{:​items:​coal.png?​50|Coal}}]] x2 [[items:​copper ingot|{{:​items:​copperingot.png?​50|Copper Ingot}}]] x2 + [[items:​pickaxe|Pickaxe]] + [[items:oak log|Oak Log]] x2+Items Required:​\\ 
 +[[items:​coal|Coal]] ​[[items:​coal|{{:​items:​coal.png?​50|Coal}}]] x2\\ 
 +[[items:​copper ingot|Copper Ingot]] ​[[items:​copper ingot|{{:​items:​copperingot.png?​50|Copper Ingot}}]] x2\\ 
 +[[items:oak log|Oak Log]] x2\\
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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