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Butterfly Net

There's no butterflies in the game though?

ID: 159
Level: 5
Effect: Chance to catch a monster as your pet.
Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 1,250 Gold
Obtainable From: Crafting


Butterfly Net

Level Requirement: 5
Plank + 8x String = Butterfly Net


Michael W Bacon IIfrostyrune, 2017/07/31 05:44

Not sure what your doing but i just started playing i just hit lv 6 and im wearing an adventurer's helmet/chest/boots all cost me 10k each and ive had them since lv 5. Make sure your hitting your #!mine #!fish the chop and forage arent profitable from what ive found so far but #!craft iron ingots and #!sell iron ingots gets you alot of gold really really fast once you buy a fishing rod it pays for itself in just a few fishing trips everything i fish up sells for hundreds of gold.

I havent been able to purchase a butterfly net tho its not in the shoplist so where is this 12k you speak of for the command because i'f drop it in a heartbeat.

Kuraikurai, 2017/07/17 09:08

Personally, I think the butterfly net requirements are silly. What's the point of making it level 5? There's zero way to get the materials at level 5 because you need to be level 10 to get them, and there is a nearly 0 chance to buy them because it's almost impossible to have ~12k gold(the usual price of it on the market) at that level. In the first place the market value is absurd as well, the materials don't cost 12k gold. I'd imagine that if someone made these frequently and sold them at like 5k they'd sell more than the competitors clearly and make good profit. Same goes with the fishing rod.

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