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#!Uset Sets user variables

Usage:#!uset nick 1-3/battles 0-1/display 1-2/displaycolor <HEX>/itemdisplay 1-2/tradedisplay 1-2/achievementdisplay 1-2

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

* #!uset nick 0 shows


* #!uset nick 1 shows

* #!uset nick 2 shows

* #!uset nick 3 shows

* (note that your nick will also include your guild probably)


* #!uset battles 1 will turn your battles on

* #!uset battles 0 will turn your battles off


*#!uset display 1 shows

*#!uset display 2 shows

(Need to be at least Lv. 20)

*#!uset displaycolor <HEX> changes the color of the border while using #!uset display 2

note that this command does not change the border on modern display of trades/achievements/items

*#!uset itemdisplay 1 is the old way items looked.

*#!uset itemdisplay 2 is a new way items look.This includes quantity and market values.

note that these values do not accurately represent their market values,check the recent market for true current value

*#!uset tradedisplay 1 is the old way trades looked.

*#!uset tradedisplay 2 is a modern way of the display of trades

*#!uset achievementdisplay 1 is the old way achievements looked.

*#!uset achievementdisplay2 is a modern way of displaying achievements.It also tells what you need to get that achievement.


Black Deathpercher, 2016/10/04 07:36

ye blame sayo for every name but the first being purple color

Matt Clarktheraven81, 2018/08/20 01:36

yah would help a lot if that name they're using as example was not dark purple - would be easier to see the changes.

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