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#!Travel is a command used to travel around the world of DRPG

Command Usage

To use the travel command simply enter. #!travel <location>


In order to even use the command #!Travel you must first be aware of your Location.
There are two ways to figure out where you are.

  1. #!Map
  2. #!Location

Now once you do #!Map DiscordRPG will send a picture of the kingdom you are currently at. It won't tell you the exact location you are at but it gives info on the towns.

Here is a closer look at the map.

I will go over the different aspects of the map. To the right there is a chart.

  • The first column shows the locations in the map that you travel to within this kingdom.
  • The second column shows if you are allowed to access the market within the location.
  • The third column shows that if you are able to use your side commands in the location. Side commands such as #!chop #!forage #!mine fish. Some locations will only allow you to do only one side command.
  • The fourth and final column shows what NPCs are in that location. NPCs are generally used for quests.

Now, the dotted lines on the map represented the path you are allowed to travel. For example, let's say you are in Copperfall. Using the map I provided
The dotted lines show that you can go to four locations.

When you travel to any of these Locations you are opened up to new Locations to travel to.
The numbers beside the dotted lines(ex. 45s) indicates how long it will take to travel to that specific location.
The yellow numbers beside the dotted lines indicate that you have to pay gold before you can travel to that location. These locations will take you to other kingdoms.

Location Command

When you enter #!Location DRPG will send you info on where you are at.
Also, if you had already initialized a travel, entering #!map or #!travel will tell you if you arrived at your destination. (DRPG will not automatically tell you when you reach your destination.)

This gives you info on where you are at and also on other various things.

  • Location - Under the text of “FlutterNom's Location” is the town/location you are at right now in the map/kingdom.(Note it will say your name not FlutterNom… Unless your name is also FlutterNom, then it will)
  • Kingdom - To the left will tell you what kingdom you are in.
  • Connections - In the middle will show the locations you can travel to. It also displays how long it will take to travel to that location beside the location.
  • NPCs - To the right will show the NPCs that are in the location you are currently in.
  • Market Access - To the bottom left will tell you if you have access to the in game market.
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