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#!stats is an essential command for all Discord Dungeons players.

By using #!stats, players can see information about their:

  • Current and maximum Health Points (HP)
  • Current equipment
  • Level and XP (Experience table can be found here)
  • Gold (Discord Dungeons' main currency) and LUX amount
  • How many the enemies and players have been defeated
  • Amount of times slained
  • Amount of quest points obtained
  • Amount of unassigned attribute points
  • Current guild (If applicable)

Note: The #!uset command can be used to alter the display or appearance of the stats menu.

!======== [Alsatian's Stats] ========!
+ Health: 5,457/7,500HP.
+ Inventory is in #!inv
+ Weapon: Astral Rod
+ Ring: Ring of XP | Helmet: Archangel's Divine Helmet
+ Chestplate: Archangel's Divine Battlewear | Boots: Archangel's Divine Boots
+ Necklace: Amulet of the Undead
+ Fishing Rod: Fishing Rod | Pickaxe: Leptocite Pickaxe
+ Axe: Leptocite Axe
+ Level 150 | (2,760,979/2,831,250 XP)
+ 9,187,084 Gold
+ Slain 8 times. Killed 9,073 enemies and 3 players.
+ Quest Points: 10
+ LUX: 50
+ Max Runes: 25
+ Unassigned: 0 points.
+ Guild: DRPG Universe

An example of a player's stats when a player uses #!stats

Command Format: #!stats or #!stats <target player mention>


  • As of 7/17/2016, you can reset your stats without penalty by using Attribute Scroll (priced at 10,000,000 Gold).
  • A player's stats are saved to their ID, so name changing nor changing server carries no consequence.
  • As of 5/4/2016, you can reset your stats (and character) via the #!reset command.

(Warning! Using the #!reset YES command will reset your Discord Dungeons progress to its initial state.)


Zero Ehxezeroehxe, 2017/11/25 09:59

Is there another way to see user attributes? Using the #!stats command doesn't show attribute points. The screen is different than the one in the wiki.

Christopher Choasianaprince, 2018/03/27 17:57

It's #!attributes

Piotr Blecharskielectricares, 2017/04/20 09:04

I have got only 1 question. Why when i write #!stats bot give no responce??

Ethan Huntethan_hunt, 2016/10/23 06:21

How can you report this error or fix it? (many people in our chat got it) command: /stats

answer: Whoops. An error occured. Please report this in the official server.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined

  at TextChannel.permissionsFor (/root/RPGBot/node_modules/discord.js/src/structures/GuildChannel.js:60:25)
  at Data.user.get.then (/root/RPGBot/cmds/user.js:561:30)

Edit: this command only works for other people through walling for other stats (/stats @player123 for example)

Noahyog, 2016/07/03 00:36

Just lost 3 days of grinding. G_G

Can someone update this page to make it say it resets your character instead of your stats?

Vyrinian Voidevyravoid, 2016/05/04 21:20

As of 5/4/2016, you can reset your stats via the #!reset command. (#!reset yes) You should probably update that, 8-)

stephensdoddler, 2016/05/04 22:55

That will reset your level as well won't it?

Mackanmackan, 2016/05/09 08:27

It'll reset your level too.

Mackanmackan, 2016/05/09 08:28

Thanks. Updated.

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