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#!setprefix is a command that is only usable to those with an admin role in the server. This command is used to change DiscordRPG's prefix to something you are more suitable with. The default prefix is #!

Command: #!setprefix <Your Prefered Prefix>

Cooldown: 25 seconds


ninja360awsomenessninja360awsomeness, 2018/05/20 19:57

I'm the owner of the server and have an admin role but whenever I try to change the prefix it says “Sorry, ninja360awsomeness, but you need a role called DiscordRPG Commander to set the prefix.”

Thijmenthijminecraft02_3117, 2018/05/27 12:04

U need to make a new role called DiscordRPG Commander and give yourself the role.

Benjamin Keizersgrotebonk, 2017/06/07 06:35

We accidentally changed the prefix to something else, but the new prefix doesn't work.

Adrianbloody, 2017/11/10 10:12

Same here, and I actually don't even remember, because I deleted the message

Thijmenthijminecraft02_3117, 2018/05/27 12:04


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