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Creating a Guild

Level Requirement: 5

To create a guild, type #!gcreate <Guild Name>.
Guilds recruitment setting is defaulted to public, learn more about guild management click here.

Accessing Guild Information

Overall Info

To see a guild's overall information, type #!guild <guild name>.
Typing #!guild will check your current guild's overall information.
The command contains the following info:

  • Guild's Description
  • Guild Owner's Name
  • Guild's Member Size
  • Guild's Recruitment Status and Level Requirement
  • Guild's Inventory
  • Guild's Fund

Without Guild Display Upgrade:

With Guild Display Upgrade:

Guild's Inventory

#!ginv will show guild's inventory with more details.

Guild Member List

To see all the members in the guild, type #!gmembers.

Guild Interaction

Checking a Guide

To check a guild, type #!guild <guild name>.
This will show the overall info of the guild.

Joining a Guild

To join an open guild or a guild you are invited to, type #!gjoin <Guild Name>.

Depositing Funds

To add funds to the guild, type #!gdeposit <amount>.
Alias: #!gdep <amount>

Withdrawing Funds

To withdraw funds from the guild, type #!gwithdraw <amount>.
Alias: #!gwd <amount>
Notice: Only guild leader and guild elders can withdraw the funds.

Depositing Items

To store items to the guild, type #!gdepitem <item name>.

Withdrawing Items

To take items from the guild, type #!gwditem <item name>.
Notice: Only guild leader and guild elders can withdraw the items.

Guild Items

To see the list of guild items, type #!gitems.

To see more info on a guild item, type #!gitem <item name>.
Guild Items can only be bought by the leader and the elders of the guild. Learn more at Guild Management.

Leaving a Guild

To leave your guild, type #!gleave.
Alert: This command will disband your guild if you are a guild leader!
* If your guild has a role in the official server it may respond with “your guild has an active role”, this means that you must do #!gleave in the official server (in an rpg channel)

Guild Management

Guild Management is only accessible by the guild owner and partially accessible by the guild elders.
Learn more about guild roles here.

Inviting Members

To invite someone, type #!ginvite <@username>.

Setting Roles

To set a guild member's role, type #!grole <@username> <role>.
Learn more about guild roles here.

Kicking Members

To kick a member from your guild, type #!gkick <@username>.

Disbanding the Guild

To disband your guild, type #!gdisband.

Buying Guild Items

To buy a guild item, type #!gbuy <item name>.

Modifying Guild Settings

Guild settings can be modified using #!gset <variable> <value>.


Guild color can be modified using #!gset color <HEX code>.


Guild name can be renamed using #!gset name <name>.
This requires the item Guild Sign available in the guild inventory.


Guild icon can be changed using #!gset icon <icon>.
To see all available guild icons, type #!icons.

Recruitment Setting

Guild recruitment can be set to either be open guild or invite-only guild, type #!gset open <yes/no> to modify the setting.
Alias: #!gset open <true/false>


Guild description can be set to be shown on the guild info page using #!gset description <message>.
Alias: #!gset desc <message>


Guild tag will showcase your guild tag in front of your username.
Guild tag can be set using #!gset tag <tag>.
This requires the item Guild Tag available in the guild inventory.
Guild Tag only accepts maximum of 4 characters. It can be letters or unicode icons.

Guild Expansion

Each guild has only a maximum of 50 members by default. Leaders can expand the guild slot by using #!gexpand.
This requires the item Guild Slot Expansion available in the guild inventory.

Dedicated Role

Dedicated role will give your guild members a guild role on the main server to separate the guild members from the others.
To get a dedicated role, type #!getrole on the main server.
This requires the item Dedicated Role available in the guild inventory.

Dedicated Channel

Dedicated Channel will give your guild members a private channel on the main server to have a private space to interact with the guild members.
To get a dedicated channel, type #!getchat on the main server.

This requires the item Dedicated Channel available in the guild inventory.
Dedicated Role is needed before you can request for a Dedicated Channel.


  • As of 4/23/16, guilds do not have benefits, but are being developed.
  • In regards to the #!gset open, yes means that any player can join your guild at any time, while no makes it so you are required to #!ginvite players to the guild.
  • While the first guild to exist was a test guild from Mackan, the first player-made guild was The Conceptionist's guild, The Meme Team.
  • If you leave as the owner of your guild, the guild will disband.


Arjunacer, 2018/01/30 07:37

when i use #!gleave it says im active force .. i tried in every rpg channels but im not able to leave the guild .. please help discord channel : beastcord guild : fairy tail guild active : dead as hell

please help

Cecil or Yamichaoticyami, 2017/11/29 15:52

Im having a bit of issue to leave the guild I am in on DISCORDRPG, how can I leave it? I did do /Gleave, but I get this message here

Your guild has an active role, AkumaYami. Please execute the command in the official server

I want to leave the guild because Im no longer friend with the owner and she has yet to kick me out.

Julioburotar, 2017/04/07 15:01

how do i look for guilds to join?

Davidbivad, 2017/04/14 10:40

I joined by asking for a guild to join I don't think there is a way to look for guilds

Rajan Jainscript_rjain, 2017/06/15 20:34

You can look for guilds at #guild-adverts

Barnabassh4d0wc0d3, 2017/03/25 22:04

Do u have to lvl 5 to join a guild, to?

Davidbivad, 2017/04/14 10:39

Guild owners control which lvls can join

Liamanjn_exalt, 2016/10/17 14:13

use color hexes, not color names. #0054 for example

Tanis Annicchiaricotanis41493, 2016/08/23 04:31

I'm having an issue where I get an error when trying to change my guild color. I'm attaching a Screenshot in case that helps.

Edit: I was typing in “#!Gset Color Blue” (Sans the quotation marks), in case it's something to do with my input

Davidbivad, 2017/04/14 10:41

Color names don't work. You have to use color hexes. try #!help gset

Snazzah?snazzah, 2016/07/10 01:38

Guild tags are those prefixes in COD.

Johngungallo, 2016/07/07 17:23

What are guild tags?

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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