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#!gmsell is used to place a selling trade of an amount of an item onto the global market.

Command: ''#!gmsell <Item> <Amount> <Price>

TIP: The bot will notify you when the item is bought, whether it is updated or finished.

Cooldown: 25 seconds


Ishan Guptaiamishan0, 2018/02/02 08:11

I sold my golden hammer for 4000 gold and 5 minutes later got a notification that someone bought it but that 4000 gold was not added to my balance. Cheater game!!

Aaron Cassellaannihilatingace, 2018/02/22 17:49

You can get the money from sold items by #!gmstop <tradeID> like you would to get the item back if you didnt want to sell it. If you dont know your tradeID for the items you sold you can look them up by #!gmlist

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