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#!brew is a command for brewing items to make potions.


#!brew <Item name 1> <Amount 1> <Item Name 2> <Amount 2> <etc…>

Use #!checkbrew to check how long you have had your brew going.

To stop brewing, use #!stopbrew.

Possible brews: Health Potion, Potion of Poison, Sludge Vial

Recipes: ???

Cooldown: 15 seconds


Zachary Bradberryfirebros, 2018/04/19 17:23

potion of poison is sludge vial for 5 minutes

Kennethshield_hero, 2017/09/07 00:05

Appanrently someone figured out how to get a Potion of Posion, though forgot the items they used lmao

Panupong Lertweeranontaratfaithnaja, 2017/05/21 05:06

Why everytime I brew and it become Sludge Vial.

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