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The adventures are an important part of the game. Advancing in adventures will help you to level and gain gold.

Continuing an Adventure

To attack a monster/advance your adventure, type #!adventure 2.
Alias: #!adv 2 or #!adv

Running away from an Adventure

To flee/run away from a monster, type #!adventure 1.
Alias: #!adv 1

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Critical Hit

During adventures, the user can sometimes deals critical hit, making the user deal double damage.

The base critical chance is 10%, increasing with 1% per 40 attribute points in luck.

The probability of landing a critical hit is calculated like so;

var crit = helper.rInt(1, 100);

var ch = 10+Math.floor(users[user]["stats"]["luck"]/40);

if(ch < 10){
    ch = 10;

if(crit < ch){
    advLoose = advLoose*2;


Sepsep, 2017/08/25 16:14

Do you seriously lose half your gold when you die?

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