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Adventuring & Sides

Adventuring and sides are a very important part of the game. Adventuring allows for experience point (xp) gain while skills will help you gather materials for crafting.

Adventure 2

To attack a monster/advance your adventure, type #!adventure 2
Alias: adv 2 (or just adv)

Adventure 1

To flee/run away from a monster, type #!adventure 1
Alias: adv 1


If you have a health potion and want to heal (50 per health potion), type #!heal
If you do not want to find how many health potions you need, type #!heal auto


To see a list of available items, type #!items


To see more info about a item, type #!item with the item name.


To buy a item, type #!buy with the item name.
Note, this can only be used for items in the shop.


To chop, type #!chop (Must have an axe equipped)
To fish, type #!fish (Level 5 requirement and you must have a fishing rod equipped)
To forage, type #!forage
To mine, type #!mine (Must have a pickaxe equipped)

Use & Un-equip

To use a item, type #!use with the item name.
To un-equip an item, type #!unequip then the slot name (pickaxe, axe, etc.)


  • Sides are a good idea if you get stuck in a endless death loop.
  • Stacking on health potions is a good tactic.
  • you can put numbers or auto after #!heal to use “x” number of health potion or fully heal your HP with “x” amount of potion
  • #!adv can also be used in place of #!adv 2
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