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Brewing & Alchemy

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Brewing in Discord Dungeons allows you to create various potions and other items. The recipes are to be discovered by the players as well.

To brew, use the command #!brew along with your ingredients like so: #!brew [item] [amount] [item] [amount].

To check your current brew, use #!checkbrew.

Finally, to stop your brew and retrieve your result, use #!stopbrew.


Every recipe has a specific amount of criteria to succeed, these criterias are what items, how much of them, a specific amount of time, and a minimum level.

Item Level Requirement Recipe Time
Potion of Poison Potion of Poison N/A 1x Sludge Vial Sludge Vial 5 minutes
Eggnog N/A 5x EggEgg 1x Bag of Sugar 2x Milk 1x Empty VialEmpty Vial 5-10 minutes


In the event of a brew not matching any recipes, the user will get a Sludge Vial instead.


Davidplague, 2016/12/06 12:27

Can someone please make a recipe list for brewing?

Joseph Weineregg, 2017/02/06 21:54

I have a potion of poison but I don't remember the recipe xD

Gordonapple13245, 2018/05/17 01:34

I only know potion of poison which is useless. It is sludge vial for 5 mins

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